23rd Annual Vintage Tasting (EPIC Wine Country)

It’s been awhile since The Wine Boys went on a road trip…  so we thought let’s head to Lake Erie North Shore otherwise know as EPIC (Essex Pelee Island Coast), and taste some of their fantastic wines again!

Through our preparations, we were invited as guests to attend the 23rd Annual Vintage Tasting which was hosted by Pelee Island Winery; where 11 local wineries poured their fantastic vintages, and food vendors offered their delicious concoctions!  The last time we came to this area, we only did a day trip and when you are putting 6 plus hours of driving; it makes for a very long day.  This time we decided to find a place to stay for the night. The Grove Hotel is a fresh, chic and newly renovated hotel, and their Trip Advisor comments made this the place we wanted to stay; not to mention, it was just minutes away from where the Vintage Tasting was taking place.

When we arrived at the Vintage Tasting we were instantly greeted by Jody Goslin from Oxley Estate Winery and EPIC Social Media Advisor.  She whisked us off to the Oxley booth where Steve started us with a sampling of their Rose while we snapped a few photos, and learned more about Steve and his family’s winery. Oxley was one of our favourites from past visits, we are sure that you will recall us mentioning “2014 Wowza”.  Vintage Tasting Event was under the bluest of skies. This region had a very dry summer compared to Niagara Region’s summer of lower temperatures and ALOT of precipitation.


We spent the Sunday afternoon in a garden party style event mingling with fellow wine lovers, wine enthusiasts and winemakers.  Luckily, bumping into our hosts from The Grove Hotel, an amazing couple, Troy and Jon. Lynnette  from Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island (TWEPI) was lovely and offered some of her favourite places to visit.  Cindy from Pelee Island Winery was an absolute gem with her knowledge of the area, and just overall humour. These people know and understand Customer Service, so hospitality!


Unfortunately,  these  events don’t allow you a lot of time to mingle with people long because you then are introduced to or start talking with another person and so on (not that it is a bad thing meeting so many wonderful people – but some you wished you could spend more time with).

It’s always so exciting to visit other wineries in different regions, especially since we live in Niagara’s Wine Country. But we must say that a few wineries really stood out on our trip that we ended up returning with more cases of wine than we expected. But that’s never a problem in our house.

Events like these are amazing, as you get to interact with someone from the winery, and taste what vintages they feel really stand out. A few delicious wines really stood out, and we thought we would spend the following day picking up a few bottles at those wineries.


People always think that The Wine Boys favorite white wine are Riesling’s but that’s not true at all. We are always looking for something clean, crisp, dry but fruit forward and tend to shy from Chardonnay’s (Yes, we are ABC Boys). We were excited to see lots of Pinot Grigio being poured.  Our favourite was the 2016 Pinot Grigio from Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, and as our luck would have it, our Hosts from The Grove Hotel left a bottle in our room!

After checking out of The Grove Hotel,  the next morning, we spent the day roaming through the area looking at the scenery and envisioning a possible relocation to the area. Seriously, we enjoy it there THAT MUCH!  The future is wide open, and life is too short!



Here were a few of our picks from this trip:

Muscedere Vineyards – 2016 Rose & 2016 Pinot Grigio
Sprucewood Shores – 2016 Rose, 2016 Pinot Grigio, 2013 Cabernet Franc & of course the amazing 2015 Meritage
Oxley Estate Winery – 2016 Wowza & 2016 Unoaked Chardonnay(yes we said CHARDONNAY)
Crew – Colchester Ridge Estate Winery – 2010 Meritage
Mastronardi Estate Winery – 2010 Syrah
Viewpoint Estate Winery – 2008 Cabernet Franc

These are just a few that popped into our head while writing, but we will make sure to check out the entire collections when we revisit.

We hope you are looking forward to our October EPIC Wineries Road Trip as much as we are when we share our favourites with Niagara’s Sweetheart Niagarafied, Joanne Deall and her partner Ken Peterkin. The Wine Boys and Niagarafied will be posting our finds and EPIC adventures on our social media forums.

Check out Niagarafied  and her social media platforms to see her personal wine picks, and all the amazing adventures you can have in Niagara!

Til next time, have a great day and great wine!